• Co-founder & CTO at Naamche Inc. (2020-)
    • Leading the technology team of Naamche, a product lab that specializes in providing AI powered web and mobile software solutions. Responsible for setting the technical vision of the company and executing the delivery of quality software while hiring new engineers and establishing the engineering culture in a fast-growing startup. Currently overseeing the design and development of a suite of products for a fast-growing startup in the US.


  • Machine Learning Engineer at Fusemachines (2019-2020)
    • Developed Optical Character Recognition system to digitize Nepali and English documents.
    • Built predictive models to forecast sales and revenue of Fortune 1000 video game holding company.
  • AI Content Creator at Fusemachines (2019)
    • Designed the syllabus and created the notes, assignments and quizzes for an online artificial intelligence course: FuseAI.


Research Interests

I am interested in Machine Learning, particularly Computer Vision but also Natural Language Processing. I aim to leverage Machine Learning techniques for social good applications that can have wide societal impact. Following is a list of areas that I have conducted research on or would like to work on in the near future:

  • Visual Scene Understanding: Developing computer vision algorithms to make a computer understand visual scenes. Sources for such scenes can be (but not limited to) photograph, videos, satellite imagery, medical images, etc.

  • Moving Object Detection and Tracking: Enabling a machine to accurately identify moving objects like vehicles in a road and track their movement.

  • AI for Social Good: Developing Machine Learning powered applications with primary goal of improving humanitarian efforts. Example scenarios include crisis response, urban planning, clean energy, etc.

  • NLP for low resource languages: Exploring transfer learning and self supervised learning in NLP to bridge the resource gap for low resource languages like Nepali.

  • Multimodal Deep Learning: Integrating multiple sources of information like language and vision in a single learning task.

If you’d like to collaborate in any of the above, feel free to reach out to me.

Notable Achievements

Recipient of the Ncell Academic Excellence Award for 3 years: 2016, 2017 and 2019. The award is given to the student securing the highest aggregate marks in Computer Engineering in Pulchowk Campus for the given academic calendar year.

Member of the team that developed an AI based traffic mobility analytics platform and was selected as the winner of a nationwide competition amongst 150+ teams. The competition was organized by the government of Nepal.

Member of the team that won the Hult Prize at Tribhuvan University and participated in the Hult Prize Regional Finals in Dubai,UAE in 2017. The Hult Prize is the biggest social entrepreneurship competition for students all around the world.

Notable Projects

A research project that utilizes computer vision and deep learning techniques like semantic segmentation and image classification to identify the regions in satellite images that are affected by natural disasters like floods.

A Computer Vision based software to classify and count the total number of vehicles in the road and estimate the road occupancy. Also a part of the project is the Nepali Vehicles Dataset prepared to train the object detection model.


I also like to watch movies, read books and play video games. I am an avid supporter of Liverpool Football Club and watch a lot of sports.